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Wedding Invitations Etiquette

Have you marked the calendar for your wedding? Provided that this is true, congrats! Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to chip away at the arranging interaction. It’s not troublesome, but rather it is essential to be coordinated, beginning with your wedding solicitations. The wedding greeting is perhaps the main thing to zero in on during your wedding arranging. They offer the visitors an example of what sort of wedding you’re having (formal or easygoing), and they list basic data to ensure individuals realize where to go and what time to be there. You may likewise need to think about sending a “save the date” card.

What To Include On Your Wedding Invitation

Host Line

The principal line of the wedding greeting is the place where you list who’s facilitating the wedding (a.k.a. who is paying for the wedding). Customarily, this was normally the lady’s folks, so posting their names on the host line was a method of recognizing that liberality. Nowadays, nonetheless, an ever-increasing number of couples are either paying for the actual wedding (for this situation, you can preclude the host line completely) or getting monetary commitments from guardians on the two sides—for this situation, you can list every one of guardians’ names or decide on something easier like, “Along with their folks” or “Along with their families.”

Solicitation Line

The solicitation line is the place where you welcome individuals to go to your wedding (a.k.a. “Please come!”), so utilize this part to establish the pace for your festival. On the off chance that your wedding is formal, utilize more proper language to mirror the event (e.g., “demand the honour of your quality… “); if your wedding is easygoing, utilize less conventional language (e.g., “Would cherish for you to join them…” or “Need you to come party with us… “).

Activity Line 

Here, you’re illustrating what you are welcoming individuals to partake in. A few models: 

  • Customarily, with the lady of the hour’s parent’s facilitating, this line is generally something like, “At the marriage of their little girl.” 
  • If the two guardians are facilitating, the line may peruse “At the marriage of their kids.” 
  • In case you’re facilitating yourselves, the line could be the same thing “At the festival of their association” or “As they get married.”


Begin by arranging the style of the greeting. It should reflect the actual function. For instance, if you are having a formal (white tie) evening function, you should utilize fine stationer’s paper with calligraphy or engraved print. A less conventional wedding, for example, the one you may have in an individual’s home or on the seashore requires a more loosened up style of greeting. 


The phrasing of the greeting ought to be thoroughly examined before submitting your request. You need to incorporate the names of the lady and lucky man, area, date, and time. Now and again guardians’ names are recorded on solicitations, contingent upon your conditions. Here are a few instances of what to remember for your solicitations: Wedding Invitation Wording. 

List Of People To Attend 

Your rundown ought to contain the entirety of the names of your welcomed visitors, including each individual from the family. If youngsters are welcomed, add those. All relatives in a similar family ought to be recorded together. It is fine to send one greeting for every family, except you’ll have to realize who will or will not be there for arranging purposes. 


You’ll need these solicitations to look comparable to conceivable. Since you have most likely paid a considerable amount for expertly planned and printed solicitations, practice on plain paper until you’re content with how it looks. Utilize dark ink when the opportunity arrives to address your wedding solicitations. 

Tending To 

Formal and semi-formal wedding solicitations commonly accompany two envelopes: one that is marginally more modest than the other so you can fold it inside. Outwardly envelope, you’ll incorporate your return address and the name of the family you are welcoming. Utilize the standard arrangement for mailing to guarantee that it shows up at the planned objective. Within the envelope may have the individual names of individuals you’re welcoming.

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